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Panel upgrade

electrician in Windsor, Ontario replaces old messy wiring and unsafe fuse box with one new and shiny breaker panel 226-783-4016

Highly experienced electrician in Windsor-Essex, ON

It takes only one day to install a new 100 Amp or 200 Amp high
quality safe main breaker box with more circuits and less problems!

Hire a house panel and service upgrade electrical contractor in Windsor

Replace apartment panels. Upgrade all old apartment building fuse or breaker boxes to the new contemporary ones

Small condo or apartment obsolete panelboard or subpanel sometimes represents an even bigger challenge. It is recessed, seating inside the wall, and in most cases the old apartment panel is smaller in size. Upgrading it requires minor but time consuming structural work with studs adjustments and drywall cutting. Access to a utility room on the same floor, or to a whole building distribution panel, or to an electrical room is required to replace the old apartment fuse or breaker panel

No more problems, no code deficiencies
New sub panel installed in Windsor-Essex

electrician in Windsor installs 400 Amp and 800 Amp panels in mansions and buidings 226 783 4016

Prevent overloads, fires, and smoke damage

Stop losing power in LaSalle and Amherstburg
Old box, main panel, and all equipment replaced
No more blown fuses in Lakeshore and Tecumseh

Overload problems resolved, prevented and eliminated
All rusty, burnt, damaged or broken items are taken care of
Replace residential devices and equipment to increase capacity

Use more appliances, devices, equipment and gadgets at the same time
Get more loads and circuits, fewer problems, comfortable and convenient
A new breaker panel is recommended or required to increase the capacity

Old shut off switch, ancient devices, multiple ugly and overloaded fuse boxes are replaced with one neat, safe, problem-free, shiny load centre.

Stop sudden loss of power, overloads, and blowing fuses. Avoid deadly dangerous 20 Amp or 30 Amp fuses on 15 Amp circuits. You do not have to risk your life to end annoying repeated loss of power, frequently blowing fuses, and tripping breakers in the middle of a hot summer afternoon or a cold winter night.

A new 100A box would cost $900 or more. If necessary, pay another $900 or more for a 100A service conduit.

Our high quality distribution centres and workmanship are affordable, safe, code compliant, and ESA inspected. They would cut your home insurance premiums and pay for the upgrade in about six years!

226 783 4016
NO calls after 8 pm please

email us any time.

We install large service conduits and do electrical room construction in buildings.

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