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House panel and service upgrade

Electrical contractor replaces old fuse box with a 100 Amp or 200 Amp breakers panel and service conduit

While reducing nuisance trippings, a greater number of breakers and circuits is also safer and more reliable

It takes only one day to get a new panel and/or supply conduit

400 Amp, 800 ampere panels
1200 Amp distribution
electrician in Windsor, Ontario replaces old panels, service conduits, and stack pipes 226 783 4016

Our emergency work includes fixing:

Prevent overload, fire or smoke damage
Add lines to EV charger, hot tub, or A/C
Mast or stack pipe re-attached to the wall
House outdoor standpipe conduit reattached
Power restoration after an outage in LaSalle
Call us if a storm knocked down house power
Conduit broken by tree branch in Amherstburg
Old box, panel, and equipment replaced in Essex
Damaged exterior pipe & meter box in Lakeshore
Upgrade to a 200 Amp breaker panel in Tecumseh
Building service pipe replacement in Windsor-Essex

226 783 4016
NO calls after 8 pm please

email us any time.

electrician in Windsor, Ontario replaces broken mast and service pipe 226 783 4016

Panel and service upgrade electricians take care of the rusty, damaged, broken, ripped off the wall meter box in Windsor, Ontario. Repair supply pipe in Amherstburg. Put a new mast or main building powerline in Tecumseh. Restore wind, fallen tree branch, ice storm, thunderstorm, and lightning damage the same day in Essex. Upgrade 100 Amp, to 200, to 400 Amp in LaSalle. Troubleshoot, resolve or eliminate any house problems .

This contractor works with switchboards and control panels rated 800 Amp, 1200 amperes or more including switchgear, main switchboard and metering in buildings' electrical rooms in Lakeshore.

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