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Hot Tub Wiring

Windsor-Essex electrician runs outdoor cables, underground conduit lines and hooks up Hot Tubs

Hot Tub electrician in Essex 226-783-4016

Get fast, expert, safe, inexpensive workmanship + a peace of mind in Tecumseh

We hire fast hardworking PRO diggers to deliver savings to our end customers in LaSalle

You are looking at $450 to $1000 labor cost excluding digging the trench and backfilling

Licensed electrician installs underground wiring in Amherstburg, GFCI breaker, outdoor shut-off and hooks it up to the breaker panel in Lakeshore

Electrical work includes shopping for the correct wire type and size, installation of a proper breaker, running cable inside to the wall, drilling a hole to bring it outside, mounting an emergency disconnect, and ground fault protection to achieve a safe and code compliant result

Call an expert electrician to install a line to and connect your Hot Tub to power in Windsor

226 783 4016
NO calls after 8 pm please

email us any time.

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