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Old House Wiring Replacement. Complete rewiring

electrician in Windsor. Complete home rewiring 226-783-4016

Should you replace the old electrical system in my 60 year old Amherstburg, Ontario house?

If your Essex, Ontario house has aluminum wiring, knob and tube, messy, un-grounded, or scary looking wiring do get it checked by a qualified Windsor electrician.

If you found even a single open splicing (see lower image) in LaSalle, ON house, you must either replace all old circuits for reliability, safety, and peace of mind. Or you should rip-off all drywall and find every open slicing point. You must make sure there is no single illegal and highly dangerous open splicing left.

Faulty connections and terminations cause most fires when they are not done inside junction or outlet boxes. Enclosures protect conductors from damage. They also serve as a safety barrier stopping sparks and flames from jumping outside the box and starting a major fire.

General renovation without replacing the outdated electrical system or its parts that are overloaded, faulty, or dangerous is a very bad idea!

Essex electrician, complete house rewiring 226-783-4016

Hiding troubled wiring behind drywall is like hiding a ticking time bomb!

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