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Small repair, short job

house electrician in Windsor, Ontario 226 783 4016

Condo, apartment, office, store, restaurant quick electric jobs for 10 minutes or two hours.

Tiny issue, insignificant flaw, simple wiring, or power problem fixed fast in LaSalle.

Available for a fast minor assignment in Amherstburg and Lakeshore.

Minor house upgrades & short task electrician in Windsor-Essex.

Quick visit for easy one light fixture installation in Tecumseh.

226 783 4016
NO calls after 8 pm please

email us any time.

change dimmer
move a wall plug
hang up light fixture
add circuits to panel
switch has no voltage
wire and plug for dryer
install under cabinet light
run wire to a ceiling outlet
all bedroom outlets are out
socket is wobbly and shaky
troubleshoot dead receptacle
GFCI breaker does not work
minor upgrades & installations
small job electrician in Windsor
microwave breaker quickly trips
install wall outlet for an appliance

small house repair electrician in Windsor, Ontario 226 783 4016

replace constantly tripping breaker
wall socket is out and smells smoke
hot tub GFCI breaker randomly trips
install ceiling light, currently no fixture
partial power outage, loss of all voltage
wall plug, electrical outlet box is sparking
I changed a socket but it trips the breaker
flickering light and chirping smoke detector
several potlights stopped working one by one
I installed a light fixture, it stays on all the time
crackling sizzling sound is coming from one box
an outlet gives sparks, burning smell from dimmer
small jobs in restaurant, quick improvement in store
simple repair in a house, power restoration in a condo
add junction box in centre of ceiling for living room light
I replaced one switch, now it controls other lights and plugs

Small repair in LaSalle. Short job in Amherstburg. Fast installation in Lakeshore. Troubleshooting in Tecumseh. Windsor-Essex house electrician.

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